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A Christmas Cracker 2021

A big ‘thank you’ and congratulations for Saturday’s concerts. Around 50 of us were able to sing in the Town Hall for two concerts, one at 5pm and the second at 7.30pm. Despite the audience being disappointingly small in number, they were big in heart and appreciation and we all had a good time. Clearly a lot of people who had bought tickets were put off attending because of concerns over ‘the Omicron strain’, so although we only had around 100 at the two concerts, we more or less broke even, and DementiaUK made over £500 on their stalls and Christmas Cake raffle.

We were honoured that Sir John Tomlinson joined us to sing a solo and then sing with the choir in the carol ‘Still, still, still’. And the actor James Wilby entertained the audience with his rendition of ‘The twelve days of Christmas’.

Well done to our accompanist, Andrew Wilson, who played the organ and was very inventive with his improvised links in some of the carols.

And finally, well done to the choir. The first performance at 5pm was really good – so good that I feared the second might flag somewhat. Not a bit of it – you showed great stamina and performed at least as well second time round.




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